Gym Rules

At Aether BJJ we follow the IBJJF rules. As such we require our students to follow these rules when live rolling with each other in the gi. These rules are put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and so they can grow in the sport.

Grading System

We follow the IBJJF promotion system. There will never be a belt test at Aether BJJ. A true instructor can see your progress on the mats and can judge when you are ready for the next level.


We believe that competition is a perfect way to test your skills in a live environment. However, there is no pressure to compete and you can move through the belts without ever competing in a tournament.

Health and Safety

BJJ is a contact sport, so bumps and bruises will happen. However we ask students follow these rules to prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy:

  • Bring indoor only sandals to walk in the gym when in bare feet and not on the mats.
  • Keep finger & toe nails short.
  • Wash your gear regularly.
  • Come clean or shower at the facility before class. (Don’t be the smelly guy.)